Before tell you how to support us, is a good practice, first, to thank who helped us. However, please, find below how provide any support or help.

We are glad to thanks, for (in chronological order and hoping to do not forget anybody):
Francesca Gambetta Compagnia di Sanpaolo— passion about Generazione Creativa program and support | Luca Galeasso and James Uriel —researchers at Environment Park— suggestion and support about legislation | Emanuele Durante —president of Circoscrizione 7 - Torino— suggestions about spaces where the installation could be placed | Marta Ferrero Agenzia di sviluppo LAMORO— introduction to CERREC project | Gabriele Muzio and Mariella Bruni —API Torino technical managment— suggestion regard the waste legislation | Erik Zampirolo, Nicola Benaglio and Davide Paglia —managers and president of Cecchi Point— support with space and tool for the Leonia project workshop | Carlotta Ferrozzi —ReMida Bologna— question and answering on waste managemet and ReMida project | Andrea Galparoli —AMIAT— suggestion about waste management and legislation | Alessandro Bollo and Damiano Aliprandi —Fondazione Fitzcarraldo— for the monitoring and evaluation | Giorgio Gollo and Stefania Alemani —public administrator at Turin Provincial Council— information about local waste legislation | Marta Savoldelli and Anna Spreafico —esterni member— friendly partnership and suggestion on the issue of public space installations and self-made product design | Silvia Barbero —professor at Politecnico di Torino— suggestions about product cataloging | Ambra Accornero and Samantha Iuliano —interns at Izmo— fist version of product file | Valeria Anfossi —ReMIDA Torino and scuola media "Rosselli"— ReMIDA presentation and some materials brought to construct the installation | Valter Cavallaro —manager at City of Torino— for his suggestion about local public space legislation | Simona Depaoli —local agency for development "The Gate"— suggestions about spaces where the installation could be placed | Massimo Settis —Unione Industriale— support in order to seek plastic by-product and to spread the advise to the companies associated | Luisa Perlo and Lisa Parola —a.titolo funder— suggestion about local legislation about public space | Manolo Benvenuti Manolo Benvenuti architect and designer— information about public space installations and self-made product design | Luca ScarpelliniuseDesign— interview about product design | Fabiana Aneghini —Esagomo— interview about installation | Claudio RizzoloConfartigianato— interview about product design | Andrea Gianni e Stefano MaffeiSubalterno1— interview about product design | Alberto VattiataGas broker assicurazioni— information about insurance coverage and cost  | Elisabetta VirdiaMAXXI Roma— suggestion about public space and installation | Vassallo's family and Fabio Porporato —saints— material and transportation | Carlos Filipe Costa, Domenico Corino, Stefania Intorcia, Elena Donellini, Sacha Hajagos, Simone Casa, Andrea Bernardo, Giorgio Ceste, Federico Andrea Siciliano, Filomena Forestieri, Paola Oggianu —Leonia project workshop students— making the installation | Julie Labbé —intern at Izmo— workshop mentoring and the fantastic MUS video | Urbe Bunker manager— hosting and taking care of Mobile Urban Square | QuintatintaQuintatinta theater company— presentation event | Garu-GaruGaru-Garu photographer— photo session |  Lauren Shultz —art manager and good friend of Izmo— english supervision and Mobile Urban Square name conceiver

How to support or help Leonia project

If you are appassionate about art and desing
• share our project through the social network
• share our project to anybody interested (designers, artists, craftsmen, waste managers, public administrators, etc.)
• submit product or installation that you would like to see published

If you are a designers, artists, craftsmen
• join Leonia project and upload your product or installation
• share how do you bring waste in your country
• share how do you put your installation in the public space of your country
• share how do you sell your product design in your country

If you are a waste manager or a public administrator or a business expert
• Izmo is available and still looking for collaboration and partnership in order to develop the Leonia Project
• share how is possible to bring waste in your country
• share how is possible to put installation in the public space of your country
• share how is possible to sell product design in your country