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With the Leonia Project Izmo won the "Generazione Creativa" (Creative Generation), a call for proposals launched by Compagnia di San Paolo in order to promote youth artistic creativity by supporting initiatives that foster young talent in visual arts, architecture and design.
These initiatives also represent the opportunity for reflection on the role of contemporary creativity within the intervention programs and policies on regeneration and sustainable urban redevelopment.
The Leonia Project consists of two phases: preliminary research to be followed by a workshop on participatory and self-build design.
At the end of the project the research results will be shared through this web-site.




1. To report on the "state of the art" and systematize the European and Italian legislation in the matter of:

  • waste and reuse
  • installations in public space
  • self-made product design

2. Promote urban regeneration through the arts and design in public space, encouraging the exchange of best practices.




From the results gathered in the research phase, we've organized a workshop on participatory and self-made design. In the neighborhood of Porta Palazzo in Turin, we've made an installation placed in the district in order to redevelop the urban space in a sustainable manner.

For more information please visit: Mobile Urban Square



Description of project

The project has been developed over 7 months.

The first phase (from January 15th  to April 30th 2012), dedicated to research, has targeted the comparative study of European and Italian legislation in the theme of "materials from reuse and recycling processes", "installations in public space" and "self-made product design".
The research phase has utilized the scientific coordination of the Environment Park (waste management and materials life-cycle) and esterni (installations in public space and objects self-produced).

The second phase (from April 15th to July 15th 2012) has consisted of a self-build and participatory planning workshop structured in four laboratories, and have as its goal the creation of works and designs to be placed in the public space, in order to continue the path of regeneration the urban district of Porta Palazzo in Turin, initiated by the local agency for development "The Gate".

The installation has then been revised and improved by Izmo's designers with regard to technical/functional aspects.
The four laboratories has actively involve 12 young people from Turin between 18 and 30 years old in the process of designing and implementing interventions.  Each 2-day workshop has been held in 15-day intervals and has use participatory methodologies for identifying and designing interventions for a more suitable and functional space.

The monitoring phase has been structured and managed entirely by a third party (Fondazione Fitzcarraldo), which has been launched during the course of the research and will continue during the workshops. The results has been summarized in a project evaluation report to be shared on the website.



The research phase of Leonia Project has been as beneficiaries an entire community of professionals, craftsmen, artists and, more generally, stakeholders on the issues of reuse, of self-made furniture and works and installations in public space.

The website provide a quick and easily accessible platform to share and to exchange views and best practices and export experiences of this kind into other contexts.

In addition, the project has produced clear positive externalities for the whole neighborhood of Porta Palazzo, making use of public space as a privileged field of interaction and integration, through an artistic initiative that repurposes part of the district.



Objectives and Benefits

The Leonia project aims to create and structure a research initiative whose results can be a useful theoretical framework and legislation for the birth and development of a creative community that uses the methods of self-made design and reuse to intervene on territory and on the quality of public space. The dissemination of results via the website will allow the project to promote a network of organizations, associations and, in general, all persons interested in these issues, providing them with a virtual place to discuss and interact.
The workshop, starting from the research findings, has been shaped like a "field test". The goals of participatory and self-bulid design workshops are:

  • to foster an educational experience for the young people involved and, together, the opportunity to express their creativity, acting directly on the public space with sustainable materials and methods;
  • to provide the area of Porta Palazzo the possibility of integrating the planned activities with the projects already in the area, promoting the networking of skills and knowledge in the present context, in order to redevelop the urban space.

The participative approach in the creative process will encourage the detection of innovative solutions to the problems in the area and considered a priority by residents in the neighborhood.  It will also enable participants to acquire tools and methodologies useful to intervene on the public space in a conscious way, with a role as protagonists in the process of urban transformation.



About Us

The Leonia project has been conceived by Izmo

  • Alessandro Grella - project manager
  • Alberto Rudellat - researcher
  • Gianluca Sabena - web developer
  • Giuseppe Vinci - researcher and workshop mentor
  • Pasquale Onofrio - workshop manager and mentor
  • Ianira Vassallo - fundraiser, treasurer, workshop mentor
  • Elena Candelari - workshop mentor
  • Giulia Carlone - bursar
  • Giulia Marra - photo reporter




esterni — scientific coordination on the issue of public space installations and self-made product design
Environment Park — scientific coordination on waste management and material life-cycle
The Gate — collaboration in the selection of sites in which to place the installations
Fondazione Fitzcarraldo — monitoring and evaluation of the project

and even many others has helped us.




The project is supported 80% by the Compagnia di San Paolo within the program "Generazione Creativa". The remainder (6700 €) has been the subject of fundraising.




The research project has been developed at the Izmo's headquarters (8 Via Aosta - Turin - Italy). The installation has been realized at Cecchi Point and placed in the Porta Palazzo district in Turin.




Address: FitzLab - Via Aosta, 8 - 10152 - Torino - Italy
Phone: Alessandro Grella +39 328 4838858